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Bonding, Filling & Sealing

  • Xtra Grip Construction Adhesive

    Xtra Grip Construction Adhesive is a ready to use, high strength gap filling adhesive which bonds to most common building surfaces replacing the need for nails or screws.


  • Water Resistant Wood Glue

    Water Resistant Wood Glue is a one-pack, ready to use, general purpose, water-resistant adhesive for wood. Water Resistant Wood Glue offers a fast rate of strength development.


  • F1X

    F1X is an advanced adhesive and sealant based on MS-polymers to provide a single-part, long lasting and elastic product.


  • PVA Bond

    PVA Bond can be used to prime porous and difficult substrates prior to rendering, plastering, and screeding.


  • Larfix E (Epoxy Adhesive)

    Larfix E is a solvent-free, two-pack, non-sagging, synthetic adhesive, based on selected epoxy resins and fillers.