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Chemcrete SCC1

Larsen Chemcrete SCC1 is a ‘3rd generation’ high performance superplasticiser/high range water reducer.

Chemcrete SCC1 has been specifically developed for the production of Self-Compacting Concrete and contains advanced viscosity modifying polymers to improve the stability of SCC without adversely affecting flow characteristics. Chemcrete SCC1 is designed to reduce the sensitivity of powder-type SCC to variations in water/powder ratio and in doing so, allow commercialization of ready-mix SCC.

  • For production of SCC
  • Increases workability
  • Improves SCC mix cohesion
  • No retardation at normal dosages

Dosage: Normal starting point dosage is 5L per m3 of Self-Compacting Concrete.

Packaging: 25L, 200L and bulk