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Chemcrete R610

Chemcrete R610 is a liquid retarding and plasticising admixture for use in concrete, grouts, mortars and screeds.

Chemcrete R610 is a retarding water reducer for concrete, It is based on polyhydroxycarboxylic acids. It retards the initial set and reduces water demand giving enhanced strengths at equal workability.

  • Increased densities and strengths at given workability
  • Very predictable retardation
  • Rapid strength gain once initial set has been reached
  • Suitable for use in large pours
  • BS EN 934-2: T8


RetardationDosage (% by weight of cement)
1 hr0.18 %
2 hr0.25 %
4 hr0.46%
8 hr0.90 %


Pack Size: 25L, 200L and bulk