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Chemcrete CR800

Chemcrete CR800 is an anodic corrosion inhibitor and accelerator for concrete, designed to reduce the attack of chloride ions on reinforcing steel.

Chemcrete CR800 is an admixture based on a solution of calcium nitrite, which has been shown to significantly reduce the corrosion of reinforcing steel in the presence of chloride ions. It can be used in all concrete containing steel reinforcing to inhibit the attack of chloride ions. Chemcrete CR800 can also be used as an accelerator for concrete and will act as a long-term strength enhancer.

  • Accelerates the setting times of cementitious mixes
  • Suitable for concrete containing reinforcing steel
  • Anodic corrosion inhibitor
  • Enables work to continue normally at low temperatures


Anticipated Chloride Level (kg/m3)Chemcrete CR800 Dosage (L/m3)


Packaging: 25L, 200L and bulk