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Highways MBM 104

Larsen Highways MBM 104 is a HAPAS approved two component, rapid setting cementitious mortar for the bedding of street and highway ironwork conforming.


It is manufactured from a controlled blend of specially selected aggregates, cements, additives and special polymers to produce a high quality bedding layer with exceptionally high early compressive, flexural and tensile strengths compliant with Department of Transport DMRB HA104/09.

MBM 104 provides all the benefits of a resin based mortar with the ease of use and disposal of a cement based mortar. It is ideal for the rapid installation of Highway and residential manhole cover frames and similar ironwork drainage components.



  • 2hr compressive strength > 20 MPa
  • 3hr compressive strength > 30 MPa
  • 3hr tensile strength > 5 MPa
  • 10 – 50mm bed depth in one pass
  • Non-shrink
  • Frost resistant
  • 15 – 20 min working time
  • Complies with DMRB HD27/04
  • Complies with DMRB HA104/09
  • Complies with NRA MCDRW Vol 1 Clause 507.17


Coverage: 1 pack (20 kg + 2.3L) will cover approx. 1m2 @ 10mm

Packaging: 20kg multi-wall paper sacks and 2.5L bottles and plastic tubs with 16kg powder and 2L liquid