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Professional Lartex NA

LARTEX NA is a moisture tolerant, protein free 2 part latex leveling compound with superior flow and rapid setting characteristics. It exhibits excellent adhesion and has high flexibility allowing it to be used over most old adhesive residues and onto most substrates without the need for priming. Lartex NA can be used over or under Larsen DPM and can be used from feather edge up to 10mm and up to 30mm when bulked out with 3mm aggregate. The rapid setting and drying allow coverings to be installed after as soon as 4-6hours.rn- High performance rn- Rapid Set & Dryingrn- Excellent adhesion rn- Moisture Tolerantrn- Low odour (No Ammonia)rn- Protein freern- Up to 10mm rn- Suitable for use over most old adhesive residuesrn- Suitable for use on most substrates without priming


Pack Size - 20kg paper bag & 4.5L Liquid

Coverage - over 4.5m2 at 3mm