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Technical Mortars


Rapid Patch

Rapid Patch is a very fast setting and drying cementitious patching mortar.

It is ideal for internal and external repairs to floors, stairs and steps, and for reconstruction of edges/corners on precast units. Rapid Patch is chloride-free, non-corrosive to reinforcing steel and generally does not require a bonding agent.



  • Protein-free
  • 30N/mm2
  • Feather edge
  • Light grey
  • Foot traffic in 1-2 hours




Typical Compressive Strength: Air Cured @ 20°C (N/mm2)

3 hours: 10
24 hours: 20
7 days: 25
28 days: 30

Coverage: Dependent on the nature of the surface and usage. Approx. 1m2/12.5 kg @ 6 mm bed.