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  • Flexible Shower Seal Tape

    Larsen Flexible Shower Seal Tape is a self-adhesive, high performance waterproof sealing tape that can be applied directly to the wall-facing edge of shower trays, baths or worktops.


  • Waterproof Tanking Kit

    Larsen Waterproof Tanking Kit is a versatile, multi-component system ideal for use in waterproofing applications and to provide secondary protection in tiling installations.


  • Waterproof Tanking Membrane

    Larsen Waterproof Tanking Membrane is a ready for use solvent-free sealing compound for professional tanking of areas under tiling installations in wet rooms, showers and other areas at risk from water. It is designed for use in all interior floor or wall applications to protect substrates and surfaces with frequent or prolonged exposure to water e.g. power showers, wet rooms and changing areas in schools and sport facilities.


  • Waterproof Anti-Crack Membrane

    Larsen Waterproof Anti-Crack Membrane is a low profile membrane providing waterproofing and decoupling for all floor tiling. It is an innovative 3-ply membrane designed to accommodate and decouple lateral movement and stresses in substrates and protect from moisture migration. Ideal for use with timber floors; wet rooms; natural stone; large format tiles; heated floors; cracked floors etc


  • Self-Adhesive Tanking Tape

    Larsen Self-Adhesive Tanking Tape is a ready for use self-adhesive butyl rubber flexible joint sealing tape. It is coated on one side with a non-woven fabric to ensure excellent adhesion to subsequent applications of waterproof membranes or adhesives.