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Sub category:
  • C2 T E S1

    Pro Flexible Standard Set+

    Professional Flexible Standard Set+ is a specially-formulated, fully flexible, S1 rated, non-slip, standard-setting, cement-based adhesive with extended open time.


  • D1 T

    Pro Showerproof

    Professional Showerproof is a high grab, non-slip, ready-mixed, thin-bed adhesive. It is suitable for use in domestic showers, kitchens and bathrooms.


  • C2 T E

    Pro Standard Set Flex

    Standard Set Flex is a specially formulated non-slip, flexible, standard setting, cement based adhesive. It is suitable for beds of 3 12mm, interior, exterior, floor and wall applications. Standard Set Flex is suitable for fixing most types of tiles including porcelain natural stone and large format tiles. It is suitable for use in more demanding areas including with large format wall tiles, on timber substrates and in swimming pools.rnrnPOLYMER MODIFIEDrnUP TO 5 HOUR POT LIFErnNON-SLIPrnBS EN 12004 TYPE C2TErnWHITE