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Project: Wind Turbine Base, Roscommon

JobWind Turbine Base in Roscommon
Concrete SupplierTrotter Concrete

Trotter Concrete were tasked with supplying concrete to form the base for a new wind turbine in the existing wind farm.

Due to the restriction on access, the concrete was placed by pump. There was a large amount of reinforcement in the base which necessitated the use of high workability concrete, but without sacrificing strength.

This was achieved with the use of Chemcrete 100plus superplasticiser and the workability was retained with the combination of Chemcrete P300 normal water-reducing admixture.

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  • Concrete Pump

    Concrete Pump

  • Wind Turbine Foundation

    Wind Turbine Foundation

  • Concrete Discharging

    Concrete Discharging

  • Roscommon Wind Farm

    Roscommon Wind Farm

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