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  • Highways Brochure

    Friday 03 April 2015

    Larsen Highways Brochure includes details of our full range of ironwork reinstatement, special purpose concrete and sign fix, pothole repair, high friction surfacing and thermoplastic line marking products.

    File size: 4806KB

  • Professional Flooring Brochure

    Friday 27 January 2017

    Larsen Professional Flooring supply an extensive range of self levelling compounds, repair mortars and ancillary products such as primers and DPM.

    File size: 1144KB

  • Professional Tiling Specification Guide

    Monday 03 July 2017

    Download our latest tiling brochure and specification guide.

    File size: 4559KB

  • Streetscape Brochure

    Friday 19 July 2013

    Our new Streetscape Product guide and Brochure

    File size: 2180KB



  • RSTA ADEPT Code of Practice for Ironwork Systems Installation and Refurbishment

    Monday 04 September 2017

    A new industry Code of Practice for Ironwork Systems Installation and Refurbishment has been published by the Road Surface Treatments Association (RSTA). The new advice forwards industry best practice and has been peer reviewed and endorsed by Highways England and ADEPT.

    File size: 2574KB


  • Grout Estimator

    Monday 25 February 2008

    A simple formula for calculating the amount of tile grout required.

    File size: 60KB

  • Stone Faced Precast Cladding

    Friday 05 June 2015

    Tile adhesives and Stone faced precast cladding

    File size: 84KB

  • Tiling in adverse weather conditions

    Friday 19 July 2013

    Recommendations for tiling in particularly cold or hot condtions

    File size: 595KB

  • TIling of Heated Screeds

    Monday 17 December 2007

    Guidelines for the precautions required when tiling onto undertile heating and screeds containg underfloor heating.

    File size: 84KB

  • Tiling on Gypsum Screeds

    Friday 19 July 2013

    Guidelines for Tiling on Gypsum (including Anydrite, Hemi-hydrate, Calcium Sulphate)Screeds

    File size: 101KB

  • Tiling onto Asphalt Screed

    Friday 05 June 2015

    Recommendations for Tiling onto Asphalt Screed

    File size: 277KB

  • Tiling Swimming Pools

    Monday 17 December 2007

    A summary of the key points to consider when tiling a swimming pool.

    File size: 66KB