Bushmills Distillery

Job Description

Bushmills Distillery


Armoy Construction (Main Contractor), Matthew Robinson & Son (Concrete Supplier) & McAleer Pumping Services (Concrete Pumping)

Job Details

The Old Bushmills Distillery traces its origins back to 1608. During renovation works, it was decided to permanently disable use of an underground cellar and bar. While the area had previously been bricked off there was still a concern that gases could build up in the void. The best and most economical solution was to fill the void with lightweight flowable fill concrete.

Larflow FC foamed concrete was chosen for the job. It is a stable lightweight flowable fill with hardened densities down to 1600kg/m3.

Larflow FC is an advanced liquid air entraining admixture specifically designed for the production of foamed concrete in standard concrete truck mixers.

Three 250mm diameter holes were drilled in the ceiling of the cellar from above ground in the courtyard. The Larflow FC foamed concrete mix was then pumped into one hole at a rate of 20 m3 per hour. The other two holes were used for observing the level of the concrete and to let air out of the void

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