Flowable Jointing Mortar FJM Eco

Larsen Streetscape FJM Eco slurry grout jointing mortar is specifically formulated to exceed performance characteristics as set out in BS 7533 part 101 (Code of practice for the structural design of pavements using modular paving units), clause 5.6, table 12. It is fast and efficient to apply, allowing the contractor to grout large areas of paving quickly.

Eco – Reduced Carbon.

FJM Eco is the equivalent to carbon absorbed by growing one tree for 10 years or not driving a car for 149 miles per tonne of product used.


Test BS 7533 Larsen FJM ECO
Type 40
Compressive ≥40 MPa 49.5 MPa YES
Flexural ≥6 MPa 8.6 MPa YES
Modulus (20 000 ± 4 000) MPa 21 500 MPa YES
Shrinkage ≤0.15% 0.02% YES
Adhesive ≥1.5 MPa ≥2 MPa YES


Natural, mid-grey, charcoal & buff.

25kg bags, 48 per pallet.

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