Larfix E

Larfix E is a solvent-free, two-pack, non-sagging, synthetic adhesive, based on selected epoxy resins and fillers.

It is ideal for the bonding of numerous building materials and for the fixing of (instead of doweling or screwing of) concrete, rocks, glass and metals on horizontal, inclined and vertical surfaces (including overhead). Larfix E is also suitable for the rigid, watertight and structural sealing and filling of shrinkage and contraction cracks, holes and honeycombing, as well as the rigid surface sealing of walls, floors, tanks, canals, sumps, silos, etc.

• Waterproof
• Impact resistant
• Permanently resistant to temperatures up to +70°C
• Thixotropic, non-sagging
• Heavy-duty quality
• Low shrinkage

1kg and 5kg packs

A 5kg pack produces approx. ~3.3L of trowelable mortar

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