Manhole Bedding Mortar MBM104

Larsen Highways MBM 104 is a HAPAS approved two component, rapid setting cementitious mortar for the bedding of street and highway ironwork conforming.
It is manufactured from a controlled blend of specially selected aggregates, cements, additives and special polymers to produce a high quality bedding layer with exceptionally high early compressive, flexural and tensile strengths. MBM 104 provides all the benefits of a resin based mortar with the ease of use and disposal of a cement based mortar. It is ideal for the rapid installation of Highway and residential manhole cover frames and similar ironwork drainage components.

Compliant with MCHW, volume 1, series 500 clause 507 chambers, 24 (i), (iii) & (iv).

• BBA/HAPAS accredited as a stand alone product.
• Use in any type of highway, no restrictions.
• 2hr compressive strength > 20 MPa
• 3hr compressive strength > 30 MPa
• 3hr tensile strength > 5 MPa
• 10 – 50mm bed depth in one pass
• Non-shrink
• Frost resistant
• 15 – 20 min working time

20kg bag & 2.5L bottles, plastic tubs with 16kg powder and 2L liquid

1 pack (20 kg + 2.3L) will cover approx. 1m2 @ 10mm


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