Repel C

Larsen Repel C is an aqueous, creamy silane based impregnating water repellent. Its unique thixotropic nature allows sufficient active material to be applied in one coat, by brush roller or airless spray, even overhead.

Repel C has been designed to penetrate deeply into to concrete to give maximum reduction in water absorption and protection from water, pollutants, de-icing salts, chloride ingress and freeze/thaw damage. Treated surfaces remain breathable.

Larsen Repel C complies with BS EN 1504-2 Surface Protection product – Hydrophobic impregnation.

• Greatly reduces water absorption
• Reduces chloride penetration
• Protects against freeze/thaw damage
• Protects against de-icing salts
• Excellent penetration
• Once coat application
• BS EN 1504-2

The exact amount depends on absorbency of the substrate. It is advisable to carry out a trial area of 1-2m2 to calculate coverage specific to the area to be treated when pricing.

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