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Project: Asda Store, Strabane

JobAsda Store, Strabane
Main ContractorGilbert-Ash NI Ltd
Concrete SupplierJ Barrett & Sons
Flooring ContractorM R Concrete

As part of the expansion of Asda in Northern Ireland, a new store was constructed in Strabane.

As part of the fast track construction programme, a new concrete floor slab was installed by MR Concrete. This consisted of 1200 cubic metres of concrete which was pumped in one continuous pour within a 12 hour period. At the time this was one of the largest continuous pours in the province. To create an easily placed and finished concrete, Chemcrete HP3 was added to the concrete.

Chemcrete HP3 is a ‘3rd generation’ high performance PCE superplasticiser / high range water reducer. Its advanced performance is much more efficient at dispersing and maintaining dispersion of the cement particles leading to increased workability without affecting the setting time. This allowed power-floating operations to continue as normal.

To reduce cracking as a result of drying shrinkage, the floor was sprayed with Larcure ST curing membrane.

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  • 05. Spraying Curing Membrane

    05. Spraying Curing Membrane

  • 04. Finishing Concrete

    04. Finishing Concrete

  • 03. Concrete Placing

    03. Concrete Placing

  • 02. Concrete Pump

    02. Concrete Pump

  • 01. Delivery

    01. Delivery

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