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Project: Kilkeel Harbour

JobInstallation of new concrete harbour walls at Kilkeel Harbour
Main ContractorMcLaughlin & Harvey
Concrete SupplierCemex

The harbour walls were being replaced with shuttered concrete walls as part of the modernisation of the fishing port.

Approximately half of the concrete is placed underwater, and as such, requires the use of Chemcrete AWP (anti-washout admixture) to enable the concrete to meet specification.

Due to the exposure class, the concrete also includes the use of a corrosion inhibitor - Chemcrete CR800.

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  • 05. Clerk of Works???

    05. Clerk of Works???

  • 04. Finished Wall

    04. Finished Wall

  • 03. Finished Wall

    03. Finished Wall

  • 02. Placing concrete

    02. Placing concrete

  • 01. Tremie Pipe

    01. Tremie Pipe

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