Chemcrete E110

Chemcrete E110 is an air-entraining agent based on neutralized Vinsol Resin and synthetic surfactants. The use of Chemcrete E110 promotes the entrainment of small bubble shaped air pores evenly distributed throughout the concrete.

The bubbles are disconnected and of even size and shape. Chemcrete E110 is ideally suited for use in structures involving large volumes of easily placed concrete, such as dams, runways, roads, tunnels and wherever protection from the effects of freeze/thaw cycles and de-icing salts is required.

• Improved handling of lean/harsh mixes
• Segregation and bleeding reduced
• Improved freeze-thaw resistance
• Ideal for pavements
• BS EN 934-2: T5

25L, 200L and bulk

Typically 80ml per 100kg cement

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