Chemcrete HP5

Chemcrete HP5 is a ‘3rd Generation’ high performance superplasticiser/high range water reducer. HP5 is a solution of a polycarboxylate polymer and acts through a steric repulsion mechanism. This permits high workability or water reduction of up to 30%. HP5 has been designed to provide a more efficient dispersing effect to provide high workability and better early and ultimate strengths making it ideal for all application particularly precast concrete.

• BS EN 934-2 Table 3.1/3.2
• Up to 30% water reduction
• Increases workability
• High early strengths
• High ultimate strengths
• No retardation at normal dosages
• Ideal for precast concrete and flooring applications

25L, 200L and bulk

0.2 – 1.0% by weight of cement

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