Chemcrete RECAST 16

RECAST16 is a blend of next generation modified polycarboxylates (PCEs) which is designed to be used as a high performance accelerating superplasticiser/high range water reducer.

RECAST 16 is specifically formulated to provide exceptionally high water reduction and/or flowability with very high early strength development. This makes it ideal for all Precast Concrete production, particularly where automated methods are used.

By increasing early strengths, formwork can be stripped earlier, curing cycles can be optimized and damages are reduced. This in turn increases productivity and helps to reduce overall costs.

• Reduced Setting Time
• Very High Water Reduction
• Excellent Early Strength Development
• BS EN 934-2 Table 3.1/3.2

25L, 200L and bulk

0.25 – 0.75L per 100kg cement

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