Larcote PE

Larcote PE (Pitch Epoxy) is a high-build, thixotropic coating, which when cured provides a hard, slightly flexible, water and vapour-proof black film for concrete or metal surfaces; coupled with resistance to abrasion and attack by many chemicals, dilute acids, alkalis, fuels, oils, etc.

It is successfully used for long term protection of concrete and steel silos, chemical process plants, oil collection vats, sewage works, treatment plants, car park decks, etc. When a kiln-dried aggregate is applied to the final coat of Larcote PE, a hard wearing, slip-resistant, waterproof, chemical-resistant finish is provided, which is ideal for footbridges, car park decks, loading ramps, etc., and wet processing areas, such as, breweries, laundries, tanneries and sewage works.

• Economical high performance coating
• Excellent adhesion
• Water and vapour-proof
• Excellent abrasion resistance
• Anti-skid aggregate may be included
• Excellent chemical resistance
• Ideal for tanking, including protection of concrete from silage

2 part 5kg packs

0.2-0.35kg/m2/coat (depending on porosity and texture of substrate)

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