Larpruf CG

Larpruf CG is a simple brush or spray applied cementitious coating for waterproofing and protecting concrete, sand/cement render, brickwork, blockwork etc. using crystal growth technology.

Surface applied, the active chemicals of Larpruf CG combine with water contained within the capillaries to form insoluble crystals which grow within the voids and become integral with the substrate concrete or masonry. By this chemical action Larpruf CG will seek out water within the structure even against high pressure, to seal and waterproof. Once treated, Larpruf CG will remain active for the lifetime of the structure.

New concrete or brickwork structures can be treated whilst still curing (‘green’ concrete or mortar is ideal). Larpruf CG assists in effectively curing concrete with a consequent increase in strength. Larpruf CG contains no harmful or corrosive chemicals that will attack the concrete or steel reinforcement, i.e. chloride free. Larpruf CG waterproofs, but is not a vapour barrier, thus substrates can ‘breathe’. Larpruf CG is simple to apply and requires no protection below ground when back-filling.

• Waterproof
• Vapour Permeable
• Easy to apply
• Hairline cracks self-heal
• Ideal for renovating basements

Apply at a rate of 0.75kg/m2/coat. Apply 2 coats.

22.5kg packs

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