Storm Repel

Larsen Storm Repel is a creamy silane/siloxane based impregnating water repellent

Its unique thixotropic nature allows sufficient active material to be applied in one coat, by brush roller or airless spray, even overhead. Storm Repel has been designed to penetrate deeply into silicate based mineral substrates like brick, mortar and roofing tiles to give maximum reduction in water absorption and protection from water, pollutants and freeze/thaw damage. Storm Repel has a high penetration depth and creates a low water uptake in the substrate with good ‘beading’. Treated surfaces remain breathable and can be over-painted.

• Greatly reduces water absorption
• Reduces chloride penetration
• Protects against freeze/thaw damage
• Excellent penetration
• One coat application

White (dries clear)

%kg tubs

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